Tuesday 11 November 2014

Beat the burglar

Here we render our product to ensure safety and a precautionary measure from burglary..

The CB32 wireless control panel from Elmes India:

This  is a very small,compact and designed to help you in case of burglary and emergency and  to have access in houses,offices and other campuses.

Use the mobile phones to have control of this product and our product can very well register the last 256 events that took place.

It is quite user friendly as you access it very easily

It can connect upto 32 wireless zones

Ensure safety of your property even when you are away

Feel at home even when you are away your home

For more visit http://www.elmes-india.com/products.html or log on to our  fb page

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Elmes India Impex- a company dealing with security products

Hello to this dynamic world!!

Our company Elmes India is a company involved in designing and manufacturing wireless control products in Europe and Poland region. Our products are designed to meet the international standards. We have been into the Indian market and our reliable products serve many of our clients. No one would disagree on the necessity of the security alarm products and we are happy that we cater the needs thus providing security. Our product ranges from Burglar alarm systems to Intrusion detection systems that involve all the recent technologies used. Don’t be confused on what sort of product to be chosen. We have our technical team 24X7 to assist you with that job.

To know more about our products, visit elmesindiaimpex

See you tomorrow! Have a good & safe day!!!